MyPad Guide to Buying


You spend around a third of your life asleep. An old or uncomfortable bed won’t give you the restful sleep you need to lead a happy, healthy life.

So if your bed is more than 10 years old, you regularly wake through the night or you sleep on your front, it’s probably time to buy a new one.

Choosing your new bed is an investment in your wellbeing. Spend as much as you can afford

Your bed options

MyPad offer a range of beds, including some famous bed brands and beds that we design and appoint UK manufacturers to make.  Whatever level of comfort, luxury, quality, style and value you’re looking for, we can help.

Divan Beds 
Divan beds are made up of a base and mattress, which combine to give the best support and comfort.

Headboards are an optional extra, but they can add the finishing touch to your bedroom.

Storage Options 
Depending on the bed you want, there are a number of options available, all of which offer valuable storage space.

Guest Beds 
For those short of space but needing an extra bed, a single divan with a pull-out bed underneath is a great solution.

Most bedsteads support a mattress on solid timber slats fixed to a frame; some come with a metal frame support and integrated sprung wooden slats.

Your mattress options

Choosing the right mattress is vital. It will make the difference between a good and bad nights sleep.

Here are all the mattress types you have to choose from:

Mattresses with Springs

Open Coil
 – This is the most basic and simple spring system. Rows of springs are joined with a spiral wire, running top to bottom. Open coil often gives a firmer feel.

Pocket Sprung 
refers to each spring being housed in separate fabric pockets. This mattress fits the sleeper’s shape, for ultimate comfort and support.

Springless Mattresses

There are three main types of springless mattress:

 is produced from an elastic material that moulds to the body’s curves.

Memory foam 
- These mattresses contain a special foam-like material that reacts to heat and pressure. That means less pressure on the body, better support and a more restful sleep

Polyurethane Foam is a low-cost option. The density of the foam will dictate how it feels and lasts.


Fillings protect you from the springs in the mattress. There are various choices of fillings.


Lower priced mattresses are produced in standard tension, whilst more expensive options have a choice of soft, medium or firm tensions.

If you sleep with a partner and both find different tensions comfortable, we can create a mattress with different tensions on each side. 

Upholstery Guide

Buying the perfect sofa or chair means finding the ideal combination of style, comfort, quality and value for money.

How to choose your new sofa

Think about the look you’re after. The colour, shape and style of your upholstery will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room.

With a huge range to choose from MyPad has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for style and practicality, comfort and support or are looking for your own distinctive style.

With our unique Home interiors service we can deliver to your door examples of different seating options plus an incredible selection of fabrics and leathers to choose the ideal style for any room. 

Choose the right shape, support and comfort

Frame: This gives the sofa its shape and structure. The frames in our range are tough, strong and durable to cope with demands of everyday life.

Support: Our sofas have a number of different support systems, from traditional springs and webbing to serpentine or zigzag springs and sprung edges.

Fillings:  This is the ‘comfort layer’. There are 3 choices:

This gives the firmest feel and retains its look the best. Manufacturers of traditional furniture prefer foam fillings.

A man-made synthetic filling usually wrapped in ‘ticking’. This will offer medium to soft comfort, depending on the density of the filling. Cushions must be plumped daily to retain their shape.

A soft, luxurious option, these cushions must be plumped daily to keep their shape and comfort. If you like the feather effect but are allergic to feather fillings, our sofa experts will help you find a soft alternative.

Our designers often use a mix of fillings – foam cushions with a fibre wrap, or feather cushions with a foam core. Speak with our expert before making your choice. 

Choosing the right cover

We’ve got a fantastic range of sofas and chairs in fabric, leather and a mix of the two. Here’s a brief guide to the pros and cons of different covers:

Leather (hide) 
Only leather upholstery can claim to improve with time, developing a character all of its own. Leather wears in, fabric wears out. Corrected grain leather is particularly durable, easy to care for, and excellent for a family environment.

Faux leather Is a durable coated surface backed with eco friendly recycled leather fibres. Bonded for additional strength and durability, it feels great to the touch and offers great value for money

 Fabric sofas have loose or fixed covers.

Loose covers are usually made from natural fibres such as 100% cotton. These can be removed and machine washed at low temperatures or professionally cleaned. They’re often more casual in style, though those held in place on the frame cover by Velcro give a more tailored look. Many people choose an extra set of covers so they can ring the changes without the expense of brand new furniture.

You have a much wider choice of fabrics for fixed covers including formal velvets, soft chenilles, hard wearing microfibres, faux suedes and woven designs. Fixed covers are usually more tailored in style and can’t be removed.  Even cushions of fixed cover suites shouldn’t be washed.

Your sofa buying checklist

Measure carefully!! 
Before you order, please make sure your chosen sofa will fit your room and can be manoeuvred into your house. Some of our larger items come apart for delivery, so ask us for help if you’re worried. Once your furniture is in production, we can’t accept your cancellation without a charge.

Sofabed guide

Do you ever end up with more guests than you have beds for? With a sofabed, there’s no problem.

We’ve got a huge range of stylish sofabeds to choose from that may match your gorgeous sofa and chair styling.

Sizes range from a single up to king size to help you make more of whatever space you have available.

How to choose your new sofabed

The best way to choose a sofabed is to spend as much as you can afford to – the more expensive the sofa bed, the more support and comfort it will give you.

You also need to consider where you’re going to put it.  You’ll often need a bit of room (up to 23cm or 7’) from the back of the sofa to open the bed out fully. If a full sized sofabed with arms won’t fit through your bedroom or stairway, some of our sofabeds have removable arms so they’re much easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Some have no arms at all and can still open out to nearly the same width as a standard double bed.

Your sofabed options

Sofabeds are only designed for occasional use as a bed.  Mattresses are foam or sprung, up to a depth of 10 cm (4”).

Because you sit on a thin layer of padding over a bed mechanism, sofabeds feel firmer than a standard sofa or chair. The firmness of the sleeping surface will depend on how your sofabed works.

Make it last

Care for your sofa bed as much as you look after your sofa and your bed. Rotate and turn the mattress every time the sofabed is used, and don’t overload any storage spaces.

Dining and Bedroom Guide

The ideal dining and bedroom furniture needs to be stylish and practical, looking great in your home and giving you valuable storage space.

The MyPad range of dining tables and chairs, sideboards, display cabinets, wardrobes, bedsteads and occasional tables offers something for every taste.

How to choose your new furniture

Start by thinking about the look or style you’re after. Our dining range alone includes tables and cabinets in wood, metal and glass. Leather is an increasingly popular option for bedsteads.

Here’s a quick guide.

Wooden furniture 
Every piece of wooden furniture is unique, with different characteristics in colour, grain and durability. Cabinets can be made from softwoods such as pine or hardwoods like oak and ash, walnut or teak. There are some woods, such as beech, that don’t fall into either category.

Wooden furniture is affected by temperature and humidity. You should avoid placing solid wooden furniture, particularly oak, on under floor heating. If your room is very dry or very damp, it may be worth considering glass and metal furniture.

Our experts will be happy to explain the benefits of different woods and finishes, tell you how each piece is made and all the pros and cons of solid wood vs veneer.

Metal and glass furniture
 For a more contemporary look, we have a stunning range of extending and static dining tables in metal and glass, with a choice of leather or fabric chairs.

We also have glass shelving units, and a wide choice of small occasional tables and bedsteads.

Metals are available in a range of different finishes and colours and all glass meets with British Safety Standards BS6202.

Furniture buying checklist

Measure carefully! 
Before you order, please make sure your furniture will fit your room and can be manoeuvred into your house. Some of our larger cabinets come apart for delivery, so ask us for help if you’re worried. Once your furniture is in production, we can’t accept your cancellation without a charge.

Your guide to measuring furniture

Before you order your new furniture, you need to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your home.

That means making sure the proportions are right for your room, and that your furniture will fit into your home, through all your access points.

How to measure your furniture

Start by taking the following measurements: Measure the surface area of the space where you want to put the furniture. Now review online via the dimensions detailed with every product the width, height, and depth of the furniture you want to order.

Don’t worry if it seems too big. Call 01534 510742 / 01481 521742 or contact and one of our logistic team will advise.

Will it go in?

Check that all widths and diagonal depths are less than the entry dimensions. You can check the diagonal depth on upholstery by placing a straight tape measure from the back of the frame to the front of the arm. If you’re still worried, please call and we will assist in your needs and if necessary conduct a home visit prior to you placing your order. MyPad consultants will be happy to help.

If it was easy to get your existing furniture in, compare the measurements with the model you want to replace it with.

When ordering a wall display unit, measure the wall you wish to place it against from floor to ceiling. The diagonal height should be less than the entryway.

Measure the width and height of all doorways, hallways, and stairways, including banisters and turns, and don’t forget about obstacles such as radiators, wall and ceiling lights.

Happy to help

If access through a door is too tight, it’s sometimes possible to install your furniture via another route.  Our logistics team can suggest local tradesmen who will quote to remove fence panels or windows before you commit to any additional cost.

If the worst happens and your new furniture really won’t fit in, please do not worry, contact us immediately and we will search our huge range of products and use all the expert knowledge of our team to come up with a great alternative.