Bedroom Chests


Stylish Bedroom Chests to suit any bedroom style!

We could all use a little extra storage, but the old-fashioned chest of drawers doesn’t have to be a bulky addition to your well planned room. We have a host of chest drawers in fresh and stylish designs ranging from the most modern looks to the ever popular rustic feel. As with all our furniture, our chests of drawers are all hand picked for their uniqueness, style and durability.

Our chests range from 3 drawer to 8 drawer, come as part of a dresser or display case, or even come with a shoe cabinet for even more space saving. If space is really an issue, we have a host of vertical tall dressers with additional drawer storage below, which give you all the space a conventional chest would, just in a slimmer and taller way.

Whatever you’re looking for, space saving ideas or stylish finishes, you’re sure to find it in our Bedroom Chests and Dressers collection.



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