Dining Tables


Find the perfect Dining Table for the heart of your home!

Wood, granite, cement, glass, plastic, metal… there’s a lot of options when it comes to your Dining Table finish. Not to mention the size and positioning. Carful planning of your space can really make the difference during mealtimes, which is why a lot of people plan their Kitchen or Dining Room around the table, and not the other way around!

We have a huge selection of Dining Tables to suit any style or room size. If you have space to spare, you might be tempted by a large oak table that will stand the test of time (dinner time that is). Need the option of space? You’ll most likely be looking for one of our ingenious folding or extending dining room tables. If you’re in an apartment or other small space, a stylish round table is most likely your best bet.

Whatever dining room table you decide to go for, you can rest in the knowledge all of our kitchen tables are made from the highest quality and all have their own unique style that you can really build your room around.



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