Catalina Corner Dining Set With Rising Table

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Available from mid/late July 2021.

  • This traditional style wicker corner dining set, allows you to have casual dining in your garden.
  • Rising table perfect for catching up over a drink or a meal.
  • Set includes 1x stool-style seat 1 x Bench, corner sofa and a rising table so that you can feed the entire family in comfort.
  • Brushed aluminium styles feet.
  • Aluminium frame and durable thick PE Rattan.
  • Cushions are premium quality and super thick, you will be so comfy you won’t want to leave the garden!
  • Semi modular set so can be set up either with the long side on the left or right.
  • Zip opened, washable cushion covers.


Corner Sofa – L x 286cm (Long Side) x H x 65cm x Width x 222cm (Short Side)

Rising Table : L x 139cm x H x 39cm/74cm x D x 79cm

Stool : L x 40cm x H x 43cm x D x 40cm

Bench : L x 90cm x H x 43cm x D x 40cm

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